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Recent Industry News 3 Ways to Project a Professional Image

How to create a polished image for your pool service company.

The way you present yourself and your company can have significant impact on the number of new clients that you attract and existing customers you retain over time. People want to do business with those whom they know, like, and trust. Remember this important principle as you build the foundation for your successful pool service company.

Here are three ways to ensure that your pool service company always projects a professional image:

Pick a Great Name
Some entrepreneurs simply use their first names (Joe’s Pool Service), last names (Smith’s Pool Cleaning, LLC), or a combination of the two (Robert Gilroy’s Pool & Spa Service). While this is a fairly common way to name a business, we don’t suggest it. Why not, you ask? Because, your goal is to look like more than just a mom-and-pop pool service shop; you want to project a more professional, growth-oriented image. You also want customers to know that if “Robert Gilroy” retires or moves to another venture, the odds that his pool business will continue are good.

If your company is in need of a name change, don’t despair. You can do a switcheroo without adversely impacting your company. Introduce the change over time by first alerting customers to the upcoming change (via letters in their monthly bills), telling why the change is taking place (to more accurately depict your growing firm’s offerings, for example), and start using the new moniker on all of your marketing and advertising.

Having a professional-sounding name also helps when it comes time to hire employees. Prospective employees will definitely feel more confident in “Bayside Pool Services, Inc.,” than they will in “Bob the Pool Guy.” (Of course, this perception may be completely off base since Bob may be in much better fiscal shape than Bayside).

If your business name is anything other than your last name or has more than one owner (a partnership or company), you will need to file a fictitious business name statement with your County Clerk's Office. This ensures that you don't accidently infringe upon another business’ name in your city or county.

Create Professional Marketing Materials
Your website, logo, invoices, stationery, and other business essentials should be consistent and cohesive. Use the same logo and fonts (for your business name, for example) across all of your materials and on your signs, shirts, truck wraps, magnetic signs, and other marketing materials. This will help your customers readily recognize your firm and associate that specific message with your brand. It also assures that regardless of where your clients see your marketing message, the materials will be recognized as coming from the same pool service business.

Remember that these marketing materials are the “face” of your company. To be most effective, this face has to deliver a consistent, professional message. You don’t want to confuse prospects or clients. In fact, you may want to involve a few of your top clients to serve as a “sounding board” when you roll out a new website or create a new brochure. Ask them what they think about it, what they’d do differently, and so forth. Finally, be sure to review and update your materials regularly to ensure that the right telephone numbers, email addresses, website addresses, and rates are listed on them. Taking just a few minutes to do this every quarter or so will go a long way in maintaining your company’s professional image.

Act and Look Like a Pro
You should always wear a uniform when working on your pool service route. Use polo shirts and hats that include your company’s logo, khaki shorts or pants, and clean sneakers or shoes. No matter how much you want to, please don’t wear flip flips or board shorts! Always wear a shirt with your logo on it to help identify yourself to your customers. This simple tactic also serves as an excellent advertising method for when you are out on jobs. Keep your work vehicle clean and use professional signage on it. Use your company logo and design either a magnet or a vinyl wrap to promote your business.

For client communications, use a separate phone line and a greeting like “ABC Pool Service, John speaking, how can I help you?” Create a professional voicemail message or hire an answering service to handle your calls. The latter can be especially useful if you’re unable to answer or return calls promptly. In most cases the caller will think she’s talking to a secretary or receptionist and will rest easy knowing that the message got through. Looking, acting, and operating professionally are all vital parts of being a successful pool service owner. Using the tips in this article you’ll be able to achieve your goals and differentiate yourself from your competitors without much extra effort.

By Cory Mouillesseaux

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